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Watch this video and more on Weigh Down TV

Watch this video and more on Weigh Down TV

Seeking God on Vacations

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  • Unity Through Truth

    God has given us all such an opportunity to not only build a relationship with Him but also to create long-lasting friendships with others who are doing His will! These relationships also motivate each of us to go further as "iron sharpens iron" (Proverbs 27:17). In this episode, you will meet f...

  • An Interview with Gwen and Joe

    One of Satan’s sneakiest lies is the one that tells you, “I just cannot love God the way that Gwen and Joe do.” The truth is that Gwen and Joe are people just like you, with personal interests and fun memories and heartfelt challenges! Once you understand that Gwen and Joe Lara are regular peop...

  • Second Chances

    Getting a second chance is an amazing opportunity to make things right! Have you ever thought about each morning as a “new chapter”—a second chance—in the story of your life? Joe Lara shares this impactful perspective on this episode of Life with Gwen and Joe: you fall asleep, and then you are ...