2023 Summer Day Camp Talks

2023 Summer Day Camp Talks

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2023 Summer Day Camp Talks
  • The Full Armor of God

    Are you ready to embrace your role as a spiritual warrior for God? Have you ever wondered what it truly means to be one? Join Gwen in this empowering discussion as she sheds light on the profound spiritual battle that encompasses us all. Discover how you can equip yourself to face any challenge o...

  • David and Goliath

    In this inspiring and encouraging talk, Gwen relates the true story of David and Goliath and shows us how it is still directly relevant to us today. She explains the differences between the two men and the two armies and the one thing that you really need to overcome any battle!

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  • Jonah: After the Whale

    In this message, Gwen delves into the account of Jonah, unraveling valuable insights on becoming a spiritual warrior for God. Discover the significance of daily reliance on God and the true battle that resides within our own hearts. This video will equip you with the tools to be battle-ready for ...