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Titles Available for Purchase

  • Weigh Down Basics

    12 videos  |   Rent $69.99

    Lay the foundation in your life to permanent weight loss! Get rid of mindless eating, diet rules, harsh treatment of the body!! This class will get any beginner started and anyone who has been in classes for a while to break free!! You have nothing to lose but weight!

  • The Weigh Down Revolution Class

    20 videos  |   Rent $69.99

    This class focuses on those who are returning to Weigh Down and know the basic principles, but have been away for a while. It is also for those who have started to mix or return to dieting gimmicks. This class will reveal where the dieting world has crept back in, and help you to release control ...

  • Exodus Out of Egypt: The Change Series

    16 videos  |   Rent $69.99

    Once you have completed the Weigh Down Basics Class, keep your momentum going with this next class. You will find self-control as you enjoy all the wonderful and God-given foods you have been denying yourself for so long. You will no longer feel controlled by the food or have the desire to binge ...

  • The Breakthrough Series

    16 videos  |   Rent $69.99

    This class is for those who have been stuck on a weight plateau and need a push to breakthrough to the next level. This is for the advanced student who has completed Weigh Down Basics & Exodus Out of Egypt: The Change Series and has lost weight. This class is powerful and direct with charts and l...