Rally to Success

Rally to Success

A collection of Weigh Down Rallies to keep you inspired!

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Rally to Success
  • A Message of Hope - Elizabeth Hannah

    Listen to a Message of Hope from Elizabeth Hannah!

  • WeighDown Virtual Rally III: The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

    Wondering if there really is a solution to permanent weight loss? Feeling discouraged about all of the confusing diet rules? If you’re tired of trying every diet on and off the market only to gain the weight back and maybe even more, watch this weight loss virtual rally to hear Gwen Shamblin Lara...

  • WeighDown Virtual Rally IV: The Year to End Diets

    Has another year of failed diets come and gone? This is your year to end diets! It’s not too late to make this year be the year you lose all of your excess weight without the pain of another failed diet plan.  You will be freed forever from dieting, diet foods, obesity, many health issues and any...

  • Weigh Down Virtual Rally V: Declare War on the Night

    Sick of failing your diet every night? Wonder why you can be so disciplined all day only to stop caring and give in at night to overeating? Gwen Shamblin Lara addresses this very common and important weight loss topic during this weight loss virtual rally where she answers questions from people a...

  • WeighDown Virtual Rally VI: Rally To Rebirth

    Are you tired of avoiding trigger foods that spiral you out of control to a binge? Join the “rally to rebirth” and watch this virtual rally hosted by Gwen Shamblin Lara to get clear and exciting answers to these questions and more. You will learn how to eat all types of food any time of day, even...

  • Weigh Down Virtual Rally VII: Dispelling Weight Loss Myths

    Is there actually a way to lose your weight permanently even though every time you’ve tried it has only failed?  It is time you dispel all weight loss myths and put God’s way of eating into practice. The truth is that there is a way to permanently lose all of your excess weight and be done with t...

  • Weigh Down Rally 2020

    Weigh Down Rally 2020 - Session One: How to do Weigh Down

    Are you curious about how Weigh Down works and how other people have used it to lose weight? If so, watch this exciting Weigh Down Rally Session to motivate you on your journey to success!

    Weigh Down Rally 2020 - Session Two: How to Per...

  • Weigh Down Rally 2021!

    If you are struggling at all, this is the show for you! You CAN change and will change, and whatever year you watch this video, it will be your year to go all the way and make a permanent change! You do not have to be the one going up and down anymore; you can be successful! Watch this video, sig...

  • January 6, 2024 - Weigh Down Rally!

    Did you miss the LIVE Rally on Saturday, January 6th? Watch the replay now!

    Get ready for the encouragement and answers you've been looking for to finally kick those unwanted addictions! This is going to be so encouraging to us all!

    Join us HERE Saturday, January 6th at 5:30pm CT. Meet other...