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Watch this video and more on Weigh Down TV

Watch this video and more on Weigh Down TV

Stop Sinning Today

Never Give Up • 1h 3m

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    Sick of failing your diet every night? Wonder why you can be so disciplined all day only to stop caring and give in at night to overeating? Gwen Shamblin Lara addresses this very common and important weight loss topic during this weight loss virtual rally where she answers questions from people a...

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    A relationship with God is not a twice-weekly meeting where you offer obligatory songs and corporate prayers.  One of the foundational teachings of the Weigh Down program is, “You fall in love with what you focus on.” Focus is a daily action, something that you do every minute of every hour, whet...

  • The Electricity to Overcome

    No more lies … only Truth … and a new determination to finally go ALL THE WAY as you break free from self-focus, throwing off everything that hinders, and accepting what God sets forth as the Truth!

    There is an extreme joy—an electricity, in fact—that comes with making the decision to give you...