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Watch this video and more on Weigh Down TV


Perseverance Playlist • 1h 3m

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  • No More Struggling

    If you have ever wondered if you will be done with that area in your life that has been a struggle, get this audio--it is a CHOICE that you can make right now to end all struggling! You can change what you desire, and you can prepare your mind so that you are ready to pass every test!

  • Stop Sinning Today

    If you feel like you want to start over right now and want the conviction to stick with it....YOU NEED THIS AUDIO! You will learn practical ways to birth spirit and get encouragement to set a goal of 5 straight weeks of birthing spirit using a spirit/flesh calendar. You will also get advice on ho...

  • Minute By Minute

    A relationship with God is not a twice-weekly meeting where you offer obligatory songs and corporate prayers.  One of the foundational teachings of the Weigh Down program is, “You fall in love with what you focus on.” Focus is a daily action, something that you do every minute of every hour, whet...