The Vision Series: Leading Christian Families

The Vision Series: Leading Christian Families

The Vision audio series is a must-have for every family. It describes a beautiful vision for what every family can look like, regardless of their circumstances, as they turn their focus to God and His commands. This series is targeted to the men and leaders of families, but it is relevant for everyone. These lessons will provide you with the “how to” information you need to totally change your life and direction. You will learn more about the roles and responsibilities in a Christ-like family including how to get under authority, become more unified, take responsibility, and fully obey the will of God.

This 4-audio set includes:

- The Vision
- Unity
- The Christian Husband
- Take Responsibility

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The Vision Series: Leading Christian Families
  • The Vision: Leading Christian Families - The Vision

    What is the image of a “Christian family”? For decades, even many generations, that ideal has been tarnished and is perhaps thought to be a relic of days long gone.  Today’s church-going families seem mired in strife, backbiting, disillusionment, depression—leading often to divorce, splintered fa...

  • The Vision: Leading Christian Families - Unity

    Deep down inside, everybody wants unity—whether at home, in the workplace, or in the sanctuary, everyone longs to feel the peace that accompanies true brotherhood when people adore and pursue the same ideals.  Many, though, are left wondering if and how this could ever be accomplished.  We live i...

  • The Vision: Leading Christian Families - Take Responsibility

    The key to real change lies in one’s ability to take responsibility! In a world of finger-pointing and a never-ending “blame game”, it is a rare circumstance where someone has the strength of character to own up and even be willing to repent or make right what may have been wrong.  Such is the st...

  • The Vision: Leading Christian Families - The Christian Husband

    Being a husband, a true Christ-like leader of a family, is no small feat in today’s society.  What does a husband look like as described in Ephesians?  How does a man put into practice loving his wife as Christ loved the church … training up children in love without exasperating them … representi...