Eating Disorders and Special Situations

Eating Disorders and Special Situations

Eating Disorders and Special Situations
  • How to Overcome Body Focus

    How do you get past worrying about what you look like when you look in the mirror? Do you feel like your clothes never fit right or look good on you? This episode will set you free from this paralyzing focus on the body and give you encouragement and the steps you need to be free from overeating,...

  • The Positive Effects of Weigh Down on Health

    Around the world, thousands of Weigh Down participants are experiencing countless positive effects on their health through Weigh Down! With a global epidemic of poor lifestyle choices leading to many devastating illnesses and even early death, the problem for most people is: How do you make real ...

  • How to Stop Binge Eating

    When it comes to food or snacking, do you ever feel like you just cannot control yourself?  Do you overeat, binge eat, binge drink, or even just snack out of boredom? What about other compulsions, such as overspending, shopping for gratification, or smoking? Have you ever felt like there’s someth...

  • Overcome Bulimia & Find Permanent Weight Loss

    Can you really lose all your weight and keep it off permanently? Yes! This episode will tell you how. You will meet two women who struggled with their weight and trying to control it with dieting and bulimia until they finally made a choice, set their minds, and went all the way in giving up cont...

  • Avoiding All Extremes

    Do you ever find yourself bouncing from one extreme to another? Do you excessively worry about things or try to control or manipulate people and/or situations to benefit yourself or, in some cases, because you think your way is always better?
    In Ecclesiastes 7:18, the Bible says, “The man who fe...

  • How to Stop Bingeing on Sweets

    Ice cream, candy, pie. .Oh my! Let's face it, sweets, in all forms, are delicious and, for some people, very hard to stop eating! How many times have you told yourself, "Just one more"? Well, unfortunately, "just one more" many times over can add up to binging on sweets and ultimately carrying a ...

  • Gluten-Free, Paleo and Vegan Diets

    Is it necessary to eat gluten-free to achieve optimum health? What about paleo and vegan diets? With all of the conflicting articles, research and reports out there on what to eat, when to eat and why, how do you know which diet is right for you? In most circumstances, do we really need to worry ...

  • Recipes for Weight Loss

    Gwen Shamblin Lara interviews Miley Barcus who has lost weight and kept it off even while owning a specialty chocolate company.

    Special Guests: Miley Barcus, Ruth Beld, Lisa Peters, Jill Smith

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  • Weight Loss Tips for Diabetics That Will Help Everyone