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Men's Health

Men's Health
  • Men's Health: The Key to Gaining "The Good Life"

    Men are hurting.  The world continues to decline economically, politically and socially.  Morals plummet.  Families implode.  Companies rise and then fall on news of impropriety, poor financial performance or cannibalistic competition. In the wake of all this, many turn to various crutches to avo...

  • God-Fearing Men - Part 1

    In this encouraging lesson, Gwen Shamblin gives a beautiful picture of the family and the powerful role of the men in the home, the Church and the only Nation that matters…the Kingdom of God.

  • How Middle-Aged Men Lose Weight

    Did you know that 74% of American men of are overweight or obese? Most believe the myth that women are more concerned about losing weight than men, but do not be fooled—most men lament being out of shape, in poor health, and unable to unlock the key to getting back their “lost youth”.  Unfortunat...

  • The Weigh Down Diet for Men

  • Royal Revival

    While the world continues to spin out of control with hatred and hopelessness, there is a beautiful royal revival underway in God’s church. Families around the world are finding tremendous hope and healing. Marriages are being restored and children’s hearts are respectfully turning back toward th...

  • Practical Weight Loss Tips for Men

  • God-Fearing Men

    God-Fearing Families - God-Fearing Men

  • Comprehensive Christianity Men's Night Talk

    The view that the American society has on the “line of authority” has been turned upside down so much recently that it actually has become normal for any position of authority to be in question and disrespected. It is the exact opposite, even in modern, mainstream Christianity, of what all of the...

  • Men's Night: Start At Home