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  • Born Again - Part Three

    In this powerful video presentation, Gwen delves even further into the profound concept of being "born again,” inviting viewers to join her in exploring the very essence of this transformative experience. She explains how love and having Christ in you leads to a metamorphosis that becomes a lived...

  • 2023 Summer Day Camp Talks

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  • Growing Closer to God Playlist

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  • You Can Overcome - Kickstart Your Weight Loss

    Join us for "Kickstart Your Weight Loss" - Episode 7 of Season 18 of You Can Overcome!

  • 2023 Christmas Concert

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    This collection of songs is from a joyful musical celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ filmed LIVE at Remnant Fellowship Church December 2, 2023. This collection includes performances from both the Remnant Fellowship Children’s Choir and full Orchestra. Also included are additional vocal and ...

  • Freedom from Strongholds

    1 season

    Join Weigh Down for the 8-lesson Freedom from Strongholds Series! This series will teach you how to be set free from any habit or dependency that has made you feel trapped and alone. The lessons address alcohol, drugs, smoking, lust, depression, self-focus and so much more. Join us in making this...

  • New to Weigh Down Playlist

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  • Dealing with Temptations Playlist

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  • Perseverance Playlist

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  • Life with Gwen and Joe Playlist

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    "Live with Gwen and Joe" is now "Life with Gwen and Joe"! “Life with Gwen and Joe” is a live Facebook chat with Joe & Gwen Lara hosted weekly on “Gwen Shamblin Lara’s” Facebook page. With Weigh Down TV, these videos are now available to subscribers as a collection! Come back here regularly for ne...

  • Weigh Down Basics

    2 seasons

    Lay the foundation in your life to permanent weight loss! Get rid of mindless eating, diet rules, harsh treatment of the body!! This class will get any beginner started and anyone who has been in classes for a while to break free!! You have nothing to lose but weight!

    * All Weigh Down Classes a...

  • Weigh Down & Zoom

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    Watch the past year's Weigh Down & Zoom Chats all in one place!

  • Original Exodus Out of Egypt Audio Lessons

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  • Weigh Down Chats with Gwen

    1 season

    Are you ready for a new life? Are you frustrated with going up and down and not really changing? Then this is the class for you! In this 9-episode series, you will learn how to make permanent changes in any area you are struggling with and gain a much deeper understanding of the purpose of your l...

  • The Kingdom of Love

    In this powerful, convicting and encouraging talk, Gwen Shamblin Lara shares about the spiritual warfare and how to put on the full armor of God so you can stand firm against the dark forces. This is a must listen for everyone! It will help you overcome any test you may be facing! 

    Copyright 201...

  • Desert Oasis

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    Live Desert Oasis talks from 2016 to 2019!

  • The Epic Episode: Never Lose Hope, Never Give Up

    Watch Season 16, Episode 11 of You Can Overcome entitled, "The Epic Episode: Never Lose Hope, Never Give Up"

    Special Guests: Karen Perera and Catherine Rector

  • Brotherly Love

    The Bible clearly teaches us to love God first and then to love others. In I John 5:1, it says, Everyone who loves the father loves his child as well. But sadly, too many humans focus on the things and activities of life… not the love. Do you ever find yourself exasperated, frustrated or annoyed?...

  • Ambassadors for Christ

    In this video, filmed live at Remnant Fellowship on January 16, 2021, Gwen Lara shares a powerful message on what it truly means to be an Ambassador of Christ. Using II Corinthians, she thoroughly examines the characteristics required to fulfil this role, one that we are all called to live out, a...

  • How to Find the Energy to Start Over and Move Forward

    If you are ever feeling stuck in your weight loss journey, watch this video to be set free! Gwen clearly explains how to change your focus so that you are tuned in to feeding the Spirit of God and letting go of the world. This video will motivate you to let go of all your old desires and grab hol...

  • Does Gwen Ever Give Up On You?

    Have you ever felt like you are just never going to get it? Like everyone is losing weight but you? Or you have lost weight only to regain it? Then this show is for you! In fact, it is for everyone! In this video, you will hear from two amazing testimonies who have lost weight, regained some of ...

  • What to Do When You Feel Depressed and Down

    Do you ever feel depressed and down and just do not know how to get out of it? You are not alone! The rates of depression around the world are skyrocketing…but there is an answer! There is a permanent way out of the pain and misery! You can have a whole new life, and it starts now! You will learn...

  • Talks That Move Your Heart - Walking With God

    This unique set of 5 audio lessons are designed to convict and move the hearts of those who consider themselves stubborn or struggling in their weight loss. If you have lost some weight hit a plateau or want help getting refocused and restarted, these audios are for you. We pray these strong les...

  • Lose Your Weight and Keep it Off

    In this episode, you will meet women who have lost a combined 285 pounds and kept it off for a total of 50 years all together. Find out how you can experience the same success! It works for everyone! This episode will help you to identify the keys to lasting weight loss and how ordinary people ar...